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Fund Raising Possibilities

Fund Raising for individuals and families is achieved by fostering a Soccer Dog. 90% of a Soccer Dogs adoption fee is paid to fosters. Soccer Dogs have value because of their soccer skills which prompt children to turn off technology and to move their feet and be more active alone or with their friends and family. 10% of adoption fees are paid to SoccerDogs.Org (SDO) for managing this life-saving global program which is connecting the Soccer World with the Dog Rescue World. 
Fostering a Soccer Dog is an employment program. Your job as a foster is to identify a potential Soccer Dog by bouncing a large ball in front of every shelter dog until one of the dogs shows an interest in playing with the ball. SDO will help find a permanent home for your foster dog through the SDO network.
Fund Raising for Schools, Churches, Libraries and other organizations is achieved through selling tickets to a Soccer Dog appearance at a festive event. SDO's Dog Soccer Game will attract kids from 2 to 92 for a fun unique adventure with a lot of smiles and laughter. Fosters can also give 10% of the adoption fee to your schools and churches to help with their fund-raising efforts.
Foster families save lives, adopting families receive a life worth cherishing. 
Adopting a Soccer Dog is the beginning of a new life. A Soccer Dog doesn't need a large yard. Training and a workout can be done in a hallway. A Soccer Dog needs your time. The most important factor to training a Soccer Dog is to encourage your dog to bring the ball to you. That's the extent of the training, once they bring you the ball they get better with the daily workout. You will be kicking the ball as your Soccer Dog does all of the running receiving a great workout, feeling loved, bonding with their workout partner and becoming a happy healthy obedient well mannered incredible companion for you.

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