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The current team consists of four rescued Border Collies, Honey, Bella, Lily and Batman who is available for adoption because he has fear of crowds of people. 

     Honey was rescued in August of 2018 and named Honey because she is so sweet. She was afraid of a large ball at first and still views a ball as prey. Her high prey drive means she pops many of our soft performance balls.  Honey is the Alpha or big boss of the dogs and she often plays or acts as the referee during Dog Soccer Games.

     Bella, a rescued Border Collie was pregnant when we rescued her in May of 2019, right around her 3rd birthday. She already had three pregnancies in the three years before we rescued her. On Father's Day, 6/16/19 Bella had eight puppies. We kept Bella's last puppy, and named her Lily after soccer star Kristine Lily.

     Batman was born on the 20th anniversary of 911. We rescued him in January of 2022 with Salmonella Poisoning and he had diarrhea everyday for five or six months. A nutritional Supplement called Dinovite has Batman back to great health and now all of the Soccer Collies are getting Dinovite daily.

     Honey, Bella, Lily and Batman visit assisted living facilities, elementary schools, libraries, clubs, during the week and events like fairs & festivals on weekends. Locally our market is from Tampa Bay to Jacksonville and coast to coast in Central Florida during the week. The Soccer Collies also travel nationally and have played Dog Soccer Games throughout the south, from the east coast to the west coast since forming in 2004.

                                                    Charter or Chart Dawg is the Spokesperson and Human Representative                                                     for the Soccer Collies. Charter is eleven going on seventy. A young man who                                                 knows what he wants in life. Acting!!!  Charter is a rising star with dreams                                                   of global notoriety on a stage of any size even with K9s. With a bright

                                                passion for acting, when he's not captivating audiences, you can find him                                                     charming hearts as the spokesperson for The Soccer Collies,

                                                where entertainment and therapy unite for all ages, from 2 to 92. With his                                                   infectious enthusiasm, outgoing nature, and boundless empathy, Charter is                                                 set to soar high in his Chart Dawg role, with his fans cheering him on

                                                every step of the way.






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