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Soccer Dog Adoption Program

All dog rescue facilities, foster families, and individuals can use ball motivated rescue dogs as a fundraiser to save the dog's lives and to raise thousands of dollars.


Potential Soccer Dogs among the dogs in the rescue facilities are identified by bouncing a basketball in front of every dog. The dogs will tell you if they want to play with the ball or if they’re afraid of the ball.


Many ball motivated dogs can be trained to play soccer and have great value because of their soccer skills.


Rescue facilities and fosters receive 90% of an inflated adoption fee.


Soccer Dogs are peers to Service Dogs. SDO or SoccerDogs.Org certifies your ball motivated rescue dogs as potential soccer dogs giving them more value, and sometimes tremendous value which means a much higher adoption donation for you.


Potential Soccer Dogs are identified and adopted as a fundraiser for rescues and fosters.


Soccer Dogs are trained by their adopted family. Soccer Dogs then work at events playing Dog Soccer.



Do you have a Soccer Dog?

Our goal is to have a three dog team in every city.  These soccer dog teams perform a Dog Soccer Game at public, private, and corporate events. Your soccer dog gets paid and this life-saving mission is spread.


If you have a soccer dog then you can help us save the lives of many ball motivated dogs. Millions of dogs are killed each year in the USA. Millions more around the world. Many of these dogs will play with a ball and many ball motivated dogs can be trained to play soccer.


There is a huge demand for soccer-playing dogs and no supply, until now. At SoccerDogs.Org we are helping to increase the supply as the demand for Soccer Dogs increases.


Almost every child under twelve wants a Soccer Dog of their own and the ball motivated dogs at the rescue shelters would like to play soccer with you when you adopt them.


Saving a ball motivated dog's life brings more value to all orphan dogs.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take! Wayne Gretzky

Get involved with dog rescue..

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