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What do we do @ Soccer Collies?

We Entertain Kids From 2 To 92 

With Our Dog Soccer Games!

About Us
The Soccer Collies are a team of four rescue Collies that are
ready to play soccer at your next event. 


Dog Soccer Games

Three dog teams compete against a team of human goalkeepers.  The humans form a circle and the dogs  try to push the ball outside the circle, scoring a goal.  The dogs  score many goals , bringing laughter and joy to all who participate. 

We have played at : Elementary Schools, Churches, Libraries, Clubs, Municipalities, Parks & Rec., Summer Camps,  Dog Rescue Organizations, Assisted Living Facilities and events throughout the USA.

Some of our clients: The Arc, Purina, AEG, the L.A. Sol, the San Diego Sockers, the San Diego Fair, the L.A. County Fair, the South Georgia State Fair, Chivas USA, AYSO, UF, UCF, USF, Brookdale ALF's,

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